Who we are

We are professional team designing the bespoke kitchens, wardrobes and dressing rooms. We make the projects for the clients order, wishes and needs. We are in the furniture industry since 1989 but our experience in the timber industry goes back to the year 1956. We are proud to be the leaders in what we are doing, all the time developing our skills and gaining new knowledge and experience about the materials and the methods of their processing. We already exist on English market enjoy our English customers and want to expand export of our products.


  • Beyon furniture studio
  • ul. Św. Rocha 272,
  • Częstochowa 42-221 Poland
  • tel. +48 (34) 362 71 46, 362 72 20
  • fax +48 (34) 362 73 25
  • e-mail: biuro@janmar.com.pl

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The kitchens and dressing rooms Studio furnitures Beyon. Stages of realisations of the projects of the kitchens for your order and measurents.