Why choose Beyon

Beyon are polish solid furnitures with the guarantee of the highest quality. Our furnitures are made from the best ecological materials with amazing esthetic and pragmatic values. All our furnitures are designed by qualified desingers with the attention to every detail. Following the rules of ergonomics, Beyon satisfies the high expectations of our clients, changing the every day domestic duties into pleasure.


  • Beyon furniture studio
  • ul. Św. Rocha 272,
  • Częstochowa 42-221 Poland
  • tel. +48 (34) 362 71 46, 362 72 20
  • fax +48 (34) 362 73 25
  • e-mail: biuro@janmar.com.pl

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The kitchens and dressing rooms Studio furnitures Beyon. Stages of realisations of the projects of the kitchens for your order and measurents.